Stanley Nwabali Quiz: Test Your Nigerian Football IQ

Stanley Nwabali Quiz
Stanley Nwabali Quiz

Ultimate Stanley Nwabali Quiz: Test Your Nigerian Football IQ

The Stanley Nwabali quiz is a multiple-choice trivia game that tests your knowledge about the life, career, and accomplishments of the Nigerian football star. Based on factual information from his Wikipedia biography, the quiz covers details like his birthplace, clubs, national team debut, AFCON 2023 performance, and honors received. It's an engaging way for football fans to learn about and celebrate this rising Nigerian goalkeeper.

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Which Nigerian state was Stanley Nwabali born in?

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Which honor/award did Nwabali receive after the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations?

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At which tournament did Nwabali help Nigeria reach the final in 2023?

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Against which country did Nwabali make his international debut for Nigeria in a friendly match?

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In what year did Nwabali earn his first cap for the Nigerian national team?

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At which club did Nwabali start his career as a striker before converting to a goalkeeper?

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What is the English translation of Nwabali's last name in the Igbo language?

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