Ebuka Songs Biography: Age, Early Life, Carer, Net Worth, Personal Life & State of origin

In Nigerian gospel music, one name Ebuka Songs has been making waves and capturing hearts. Ebuka has become a beacon of hope and inspiration through his soulful worship songs and his dedication to his faith. This Ebuka Songs biography explores his real name, age, origin, net worth, and the remarkable journey that has led Ebuka Songs to where he is today.

Who is Ebuka Songs?

Ebuka Songs, whose real name is Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, is a gifted Nigerian gospel music artist, songwriter, and worship leader. Born on May 10, 1992, in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria, Ebuka Songs has been on a mission to spread the message of hope and love through his music.

One of his recent releases “I Will Pray” has resonated deeply with listeners, conveying a powerful message of unwavering faith and perseverance. With its uplifting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, the song has become an anthem for many, reminding them of the transformative power of prayer.

Ebuka Songs while in Cameroon
Ebuka Songs while in Cameroon

Ebuka Songs Biography Wikipedia

Real Name: Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary

Ebuka Songs Date of Birth: 10th May 1992

Place of Birth: Obinze in Imo State, Nigeria

Ebuka Songs Real Age: 31 years (as of May 2023)

Ebuka Songs State of Origin: Imo state

Ebuka Net Worth: $210,000

Ebuka Songs Age

How old is Ebuka Songs? The Nigerian songwriter and gospel artiste, Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary who is professionally known as Ebuka Songs is 31 years old. The Singer Ebuka Song’s date of birth is always on the 10th of May every year.

Early Life and Education

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary’s journey began in the southern region of Nigeria, where he was raised in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state. From a young age, he exhibited a natural inclination towards music, particularly worship songs, which served as a profound expression of his faith.

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Pursuing his passion for the art, Ebuks enrolled at Imo State University(IMSU), where he nurtured his talent and honed his skills as a musician and performer.

Who is Ebuka Song’s Spiritual Father

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary’s spiritual father is Min. Chris Morgan. Meet his spiritual father Chris Morgan as shown in the picture below:

Chris Morgan, Ebuka Songs spiritual father
Chris Morgan, Ebuka Song’s spiritual father

The Start of Ebuks Songs Music Career

It was during his University days that Ebukas Song’s Music Career truly took flight. Recognizing his gift, he began to share his compositions and performances with others, quickly garnering a following among his peers and the local community.

Over time, Ebuka Song’s music started to resonate with a wider audience, and he gained recognition for his unique blend of spiritual chants and infectious melodies. His ability to touch the hearts of listeners and inspire them through his music became his trademark.

Ebuka Songs Musical Style and Influences

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary’s music is characterized by its incorporation of spiritual chance which had depth and authenticity to his composition. His songs have a profound impact on listeners invoking a sense of peace joy and spiritual renewal.

Ebuka has drawn inspiration from a diverse range of artists and James seamlessly blends traditional Nigerian musical elements with contemporary styles. His music transcends boundaries are peeling to audiences across generations and cultural backgrounds.

Top Songs by Ebuka Songs

Why Ebuka Songs’ choreography continues to grow Here are some of his most popular and well-received songs:

  • I will pray
  • Midnight cry
  • The Value of Life
  • Soaked Worship
  • A Cry for Help
  • Father Me
  • Outpouring
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Ebuka Songs personal life and Faith

The core of Ebuka Song’s artistry lies in his unwavering dedication to his Faith and his mission to uplift and inspire others through his music. Why he maintains a certain level of privacy regarding his personal life is evidence that his Faith is the foundation for his work and the message she aims to convey.

Ebuka’s influence extends beyond music as he has become a role model for many encouraging them to embrace their beliefs and pursue their dreams passionately and perseverance.

Ebuka Songs Network Worth & Career Earnings

Why the exact details of Ebuka’s songs’ net worth are not publicly disclosed it is widely assumed that his income stems primarily from a successful music career. As a rising star in Nigerian gospel music, Singer Ebuka likely ends a considerable amount through music streaming platforms’ live performances and potential endorsements.

ASUS’s popularity continues to grow he disrespected The Ebuka Songs network and his career earnings will also increase reflecting the impact and reach of his music.

Ebuka Songs’ Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, Ebuka Songs has embraced the power of social media to connect with his fans and share his musical journey. You can follow him on:

Through these platforms, Ebuka shares insight into his life updates on his music and encourages his followers to engage with his artistic endeavours


Ebuka Song’s journey is a testament to the power of faith perseverance and the ability of music to transcend boundaries and touch souls. From his humble beginning in Owerri to his rise as a prominent figure in Nigerian gospel music singer Ebuka, has captivated audiences with his soulful compositions and wavering commitment to his craft.

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As he continues to inspire and uplift through his music ebuka’s song stands as a shining example of the transformative power of art and the enduring impact of a message rooted in love hope and spiritual renewal.

We encourage you to explore Ebuka’s music and join the growing community of fans who have been touched by his unique artistry and profound message.

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